Two Tribes: How Football Saved a City

82’ documentary for BT Sport.

dir. Andy Wells

This is the story of Liverpool in the 1980s and how a city scarred by riots, radical politics and spiralling economic decline was saved by football and then, in the most tragic of circumstances, almost destroyed by it.


BAFTA winning documentary series for BBC ONE.

prod. Dragonfly.

An unprecedented insight into the ambulance service, from the highly-pressurised control room to the crews on the streets. This is an honest 360 degree snapshot of the ambulance services daily dilemmas and pressures.


Surgeons: At the Edge of Life

Three part series for BBC2.

prod. Dragonfly

Documentary series going beyond the theatre doors of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, where surgeons push medical boundaries to the limits.




60' documentary for ITV.

Director: Andy Wells

Get Shirty tells us the story of Admiral from its beginnings as a maker of nuns' knickers to its role in kick-starting a new multi-billion pound sportswear industry with their brand new strips.

Responsible for design classics and controversial kits like the infamous Coventry City brown away get-up, the Leicester firm claimed to be the first company to produce replica kits for kids to buy to look like their heroes.

The documentary features surprising anecdotes and recollections along with archive footage, illuminating a time when the now ubiquitous sportswear industry was in its infancy. Key members of the Admiral team - designer Lindsay Jelley, managing director Bert Patrick, and staff who made the kits reminisce about what happened. Players Peter Shilton and Mick Channon, who wore the kits, including the classic England World Cup '82 design, give their insights into what they were like to wear.


24 Hours in Police Custody

Documentary for Channel 4.

prod. The Garden Productions


24 Hours in AE

Documentary series for Channel 4.

prod. The Garden Productions